La Palma


Caldera de Taburiente

The National Park of La Palma, that enormous crater excavated in the centre of the island, encloses in its interior hiking routes as fascinating as they are beautiful. It is also an enclave for camping and spending the night outdoors, studying the stars. We warn won't sleep a wink. In the morning you will tell us if you agree with us and you also believe that the Caldera de Taburiente is one of the best things to see in La Palma.


Los Tilos Forest

You would never have said that walking through a linden forest could be one of the best things to do in La Palma... and yet it is. The Bosque de los Tilos, in San Andrés and Sauces, is a beautiful (and very green) enclave in which you will feel that you are entering a jungle and that, from one moment to the next, a goblin will appear among the ferns. A place with routes adapted for everyone and an entire classroom open to a class of "Knowledge of the environment" that can not miss in your list of corners to see in La Palma.


La Fajana Swimming Pools

There is no more pleasant sensation than floating in the sea. And if it is a natural swimming pool, with salt water, coming directly from the Atlantic Ocean... even better! The Fajana Swimming Pools in Barlovento are an enclave for the whole family thanks to their three swimming pools in which to give you a fresh and cheerful bath.


Fuencaliente Lighthouse

The same thing happens to us with this corner as with El Tablado: we cannot describe it in words. We cannot describe what it feels like to hear the waves beat against the cliffs, or what it feels like to catch a glimpse of the white of the salt piles or to smell that salty perfume that reaches us and enters through our nose. So go to the salt flats and the lighthouse of Fuencaliente and let the magic of the sea of La Palma envelop you.


Tazacorte Beach

One of the most beautiful moments of the day is, without a doubt, the sunset. If, in addition, you admire it from a beach of fine black sand, complemented with a pleasant walk and restaurants to dine on delicious fresh fish from the island... the experience would reach its highest level of greatness. So do not hesitate and come to the beach of Tazacorte. Seeing a sunset here is one of the best things to do in La Palma.


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