Chester Club & Lounge

Wherever you are, Chester is always the best choice. You can find them in the capital of Gran Canaria and in the South of the island, Maspalomas.Shows, music and fun await you inside this fashionable Club.


Poema del Mar

It consists of three large differentiated zones: the marine surface ecosystem, the deep marine ecosystems and the freshwater ecosystems. There are 35 ecosystems distributed in different aquariums that add up to a total of 7.5 million litres of water, distributed in three zones: The Jungle, Reef and Dead Sea.


Atelier Cocktail Bar

We propose you a space in which to merge the different arts, starting from cocktails, cooking, confectionery or craftsmanship in a new way of expressing yourself. Where the experience does not end with a drink, it continues to evolve through the small pairings that we propose with each cocktail, which is not only a decoration or a food pairing, but the continuation of the cocktail, completing it, contrasting it, pairing it or simply interacting with it.


The Block Café

In the heart of the promenade of Las Canteras you will find The Block Café, a great place to go by yourself or in company. Extensive menu based on Street Food where you can taste it with the sunsets of the capital.