La Graciosa


Las Conchas Beach

La Graciosa, along with Lanzarote, is the least populated Canary Island with human footprints. A real treasure that hides in its northeast pearls like the beach of Las Conchas, with too many attractions not to go. Whether it's on foot - it takes about 45 minutes from the main town - or by bicycle (20 minutes), getting to its blonde sand and enjoying the changing blue ocean is something the senses appreciate. You can even rent a 4x4, the only vehicle allowed. The important thing is to arrive and enjoy.


La Francesa Beach

To the northwest of the island of Lanzarote is the small island of La Graciosa. In its barely 30 square kilometres it has a coastline full of coves and wild beaches among which La Francesa beach stands out. With a fine white sand that contrasts with the turquoise blue of the sea, is shaped like a horseshoe facing south, so the sea is almost always calm. And to the south of La Graciosa, offers a breathtaking view of the strait of sea and the giant wall of natural stone that is the cliff of Famara dominating the northwest coast of Lanzarote.


La Cocina Beach

The backdrops of La Cocina are the delight of diving enthusiasts, while the calm and freedom that you breathe in this virgin beach of La Graciosa infect everyone who visits. You can only get to La Cocina on foot or by bicycle, making this experience in nature even more special. From the fine sand of the beach you can enjoy the views to the north coast of Lanzarote.


Alegranza Island

Alegranza and its surroundings confirm one of the most important samples of biodiversity in the Canary Islands. It is one of the least known islets and one of the islets that surprises every visitor the most.


Los Arcos

Los Arcos de Los Caletones is a natural arch made of basalt stone, which flows through the water. It is located on the north coast of La Graciosa Island, a few kilometers west of Playa Lambra. The formation of the basalt arches is due to the strong waves, typical of the region. 


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