La Graciosa


Virgin Procession
of Carmen La Graciosa

Hundreds of neighbors accompany each year the Virgen del Carmen by land and sea in a maritime procession that has wrapped this religious event with much illusion and return by all the canaries.


Chinijo Museum

The Chinijo Museum that you are about to discover keeps in its interior secrets which expose some of the hidden riches of these Atlantic islands.


The centre is, without a doubt, "the smallest in the world" in its concept. A multi-thematic museum space that, in its 70 square metres, houses corners dedicated to: cetaceans, salt, the Chinijo Archipelago, aloe vera and orchilla.


Eighth Challenge
Island 2019

Eighth Island Challenge is an event that blends extreme sports with the beautiful nature of the island. On this unique island, part of a Natural Reserve, participants will compete in two modalities: Triathlon-Cross and Trail. For this harshness in their tests is called 'Challenge'.


The festivities of

Caleta de Sebo

The festivities of Caleta del Sebo are a delightful spectacle for your ears and your eyes.  From the 9th to the 25th of July, this village worships every day its lady Virgen del Carmen and for this purpose on the 16th it carries out various activities in which both Christian rituals and a verbena are celebrated at the beginning of the night.


Camping on the

Salado beach

If you like adventure, the outdoors and enjoy nature in all its splendor, a trip to the Island of La Graciosa will not disappoint you. This island can be explored in a day, but if you want to take it easy and like to sleep outdoors, you can book a spot at La Graciosa's unique campsite - it will be a unique experience!