La Gomera


Cedar Forest

El Bosque del Cedro is a humid laurisilva forest located on the island of La Gomera, constituting a part of the whole forest Garajonay National Park. Specifically, El Cedro refers to the northeast zone, on the border of the National Park and around the municipality of Hermigua. It has a stream of the same name where water runs throughout the year.


Roques Pedro and Petra

By the north route of the island, Hermigua is the first urban contact.

There are several attractions: the forest of El Cedro with its eternal stream of transparent waters that give fertility, the Roques de San Pedro, Pedro and Petra, of which the popular legend tells that they were two lovers fused in an embrace that a lightning turned into stone and then separated. 

Also, the municipality has an interesting natural swimming pool, in addition to two beaches: Santa Catalina and La Caleta, both with areas suitable for bathing, specifically, the beach of Santa Catalina is suitable for bathing in the nearest area (and with the proper precautions, due to the strength and dragging of the North Sea.


Torre del Conde

La Torre del Conde is a 15th century Castilian fortress located in the Villa de San Sebastián de La Gomera. It is a military building. Its function was mainly to represent the lordly power, and had the lack of modern armament by the natives.


Viewpoint of Abrante

With the permission of the frequent fogs, from this point you will have the sensation of flying over Agulo. Here you will have an impressive view of the town centre and the three main centres that make up the lower part: El Charco, Las Casas and somewhat further away, La Montañeta. On the horizon the island of Tenerife, which in the clearest days can be clearly distinguished the Teide.


Hermigua Valley

One of the most beautiful moments of the day is, without a doubt, the sunset. If, in addition, you admire it from a beach of fine black sand, complemented with a pleasant walk and restaurants to dine on delicious fresh fish from the island... the experience would reach its highest level of greatness. So do not hesitate and come to the beach of Tazacorte. Seeing a sunset here is one of the best things to do in La Palma.