Natural Park 
of Jandía

It is not the beach with the best accesses, but it is a virgin paradise that, by itself, will make the trip to Fuerteventura never forget. Surrounded by mountains, generally with very few users (precisely because of its remoteness from tourist centres and its complicated access), it is the ideal place to disconnect from the vision of the Atlantic. It is located to the south of the island, in the peninsula of Jandía, and it is also habitual place of release of turtles.


Pico de Zarza

The Pico de la Zarza, also called Pico de Jandia, is 807 meters high, the highest mountain on the island of Fuerteventura.


Sotavento Beach

Sotavento beach, on the peninsula of Jandía, in the south of the island, is the typical postcard beach: fine golden sand and crystalline waters, gentle and green tones. This area, in total, is almost 10 kilometres long and has several accesses. The beaches of Sotavento are also characterized by the lake that forms between the shore and the sand bar that rises between 100 and 400 meters away from it, which generates an ideal space for initiation into water sports.


Aguas Verdes

Fuerteventura is synonymous with endless beaches of fine blonde sand. However, its west coast, with its braver waves, hides treasures that cannot be renounced if you are looking for contrast. Aguas Verdes, in Betancuria, is one of them and perfectly sums up the wide range of unspoilt natural pools in the Canary Islands. About six kilometres are dotted with puddles and sea inlets worthy of a visit if the priority is relaxation and isolation without human footprints.


Las Salinas del Carmen

The Salinas del Carmen are the only salt flats in Fuerteventura that are still in operation. They occupy 26,100 m2 and are made up of 10 cocederos and almost 1000 tajos. Located on the Costa de Antigua, the museum is also located in its enclosure, integrated between the salt facilities, which include the salt warehouse, the house of the salinero and the remains of the old wharf.


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