El Hierro


El Charco Azul

El Charco Azul, is one of the most spectacular and endearing bathing areas of the smallest of the Canary Islands. Compendium of the multiple forms left by the lava, this corner will not only give you pleasant baths in its turquoise waters, but will do so protecting you with a rocket of the imposing ocean, which leaves its mark with its white foam breaker and surround sound.


Viewpoint of La Peña

From the viewpoint of La Peña, in Guarazoca (north of the island of El Hierro), you can see the consequences of an overwhelming prehistoric event: the gigantic landslide that millennia ago created the valley of El Golfo. The cliffs of this enormous nick 15 kilometers wide by one and a half kilometers high are covered with dense native vegetation. At its foot lies a volcanic plain with vineyards and fruit trees that ends in the Atlantic blue. From La Peña you can also see the virgins Roques de Salmor, sanctuary of endemic giant lizards.


Tacorón Beach

El Hierro enjoys a treasure that, if not visited, has not taken full advantage of the island's potential. Despite its small size, the southern cove of Tacorón deserves to be called a jewel because it enjoys the quietest Atlantic of the archipelago all year round. For some reason this part of the ocean is called the Sea of Calm. An unforgettable enclave in which the palette of marine blues mixes with the volcanic black and the multiple ochres and reds of the slope of El Julán, as virgin as this cove of fine multicoloured sand in which to take relaxing baths.


El Sabinar

In the Sabinar, located in La Dehesa, we find an open forest of spectacular sabinas twisted by the force of the trade winds, which models them in a crisp way, as if the knots of the wood were anchors to a ground with which they must fight to achieve their sustenance in this vegetable trench that they have created to survive.

This landscape transports the visitor to an enchanted forest. Nature's impossible curves sometimes make the trees parallel to the ground.


Natural Pool

La Maceta

If what you are looking for on the island of El Hierro is to bathe with the family in a relaxed way in a natural setting with comfortable areas to enjoy the sun, you don't have to give it much thought. The swimming pool of La Maceta, in the valley of El Golfo, gathers everything so that the combination of sun, lava and sea give meaning to the word 'pleasure'. Located in the north of the island, its puddles of different sizes are protected from the waves and have become an insular reference of this offer.